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The Seventh Day of Christmas: Hamburgers

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Not only is it the seventh day of Christmas, but this day also marks the end of another calendar year.  I have been reading peoples musings on the past year and their goals for the coming year.  I have no grand thoughts or life changing goals.  I’ve never been one for New Year’s resolutions.  I like to make small goals for myself throughout the year as needs arise instead of large goals once a year.

Our family is also the one that never makes it to midnight awake.  John’s schedule has us early to bed and early to rise.  We’ll be lucky to make it to 10pm.  So, Happy New Year, ya’ll!

Our day was filled with searching for banana leaves for meals these next few days.  We’re making tamales with friends tomorrow and trying pasteles on Thursday.  The meat is cooked and broth has been made from yesterday’s turkey.  With all those pots simmering together, I kept dinner simple. We ate hamburgers.

I rarely do buns with our hamburgers.  The kids disassemble them anyway when I try.  Tonight I tossed in some oven fries and cooked slider sized burgers in the cast iron skillet.  The burgers were served on a bed of lettuce with some honey mustard on the side.  I might normally add an additional vegetable side to this meal, but I didn’t buy anything this week since I thought I had more vegetables in the freezer.

My honey mustard is nothing fancy.  I simply whisk together Dijon and honey in eyeballed equal parts and adjust to taste.

I also planned to slice an avocado, but when the neighbor kid showed up for dinner I forgot that detail.  Pray for his family because tonight they were waiting for his grandfather to arrive for hospice care.


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