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Entrance of the Theotokos

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Thursday was one of the twelve feasts of our church.  The Entrance of the Theotokos into the Temple remembers Mary’s childhood when her parents dedicated her to serve God in the temple, much like the story of Samuel in the Old Testament.  You can read more about it here and here.  This is not a story I grew up hearing in my Protestant upbringing.  I like to think of Mary as dedicated to God since her infancy.  It makes sense that she was prepared her whole life to be the bearer of God.

My biggest question on this feast day is simple.  What are your traditions?  Since I didn’t grow up celebrating this feast, I have been searching the blogs looking for ideas.  Some are simple.  Others are more organized.

A little one in our parish brought these candles to be blessed and shared with each family.


Our parish has a small informal homeschool group that meets each Thursday.  The mom in charge of this week’s lesson scheduled a visit to a local nursing home.  It was a great experience where I got to see my children out of their comfort zone.  They blossomed during the visit.  Buster discussed the Titanic with a gentleman who had trouble speaking and would have stayed for hours.  Little Man allowed a sweet lady in a wheel chair to snuggle with him and danced in the dining room with the other toddlers.  Snuggle Bunny shared her book about Mary with a lady who told us that her family didn’t have room for her anymore.  It was touching to see how much love my children can share with others.

I think that some sort of service project would be a great tradition for this feast day.  What do you think?  Share your ideas.

As for dinner, feasts that fall during the fasting times are generally considered fish days.  While I am allergic to fish, I’m not allergic to shellfish.  While I know that shellfish are technically allowed anytime during a fast, they are too expensive for us to use regularly during the fasts.  My family has decided to try to save shrimp for fish days, and I had all the right ingredients in my Bountiful Basket this week to make Shrimp with Mango and Rice Noodles.  Do you have a family favorite for dinner on this feast day?

Blessed Feast!


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