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Penne with Garlic and Olive Oil

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Tonight’s dinner is one of my fast and easy meals.  Little Man loves pasta and he will eat any vegetable if pasta is included. This meal is very versatile.  You can really include any vegetables that strike your fancy.   Keep the garlic, onions, and olive oil and toss in anything that sounds good.  Another favorite combination at my house is chicken with spinach and artichokes.  I sometimes make this meal vegan by adding cranberry beans instead of meat.

The red onions and squash came from my Bountiful Basket this weekend.  I can’t wait to tell you what I have planned for the curly endive and golden beets for tomorrow’s dinner.  We also got persimmons as one of our fruits.  What is your favorite thing to do with persimmons?

My favorite brand of pasta is Tinkyada Brown Rice Pasta.  I buy it and a lot of my gluten free grains in bulk through Azure Standard.  Call them to see if they have a drop site near you.  I am the coordinator for my local drop, so if you know me personally, feel free to talk to me about joining our group.

Garlic Olive Oil Pasta

Penne with Garlic and Olive Oil

1. 5 lbs Gluten-Free Penne
1/2 cup olive oil
6-8 cloves of garlic, minced
1 small red onion, sliced
1-2 tsp salt to taste
3 yellow squash, quartered and cut into inch long sections
4 oz mushrooms, slices
1 lb cooked shredded turkey from the freezer

Start water boiling and cook pasta according to the package instructions.

While waiting for the water to boil, wash and prepare all the vegetables.

Heat the oil on medium high in your favorite deep skillet.  Add garlic, onion, and salt.  Saute until onion is translucent.

Add yellow squash, but be careful not to crowd the pan.  Better to cook half at a time and reserve the rest for later to properly brown the squash on all sides. It tastes better that way.   I didn’t follow my own advice this time since I was in a hurry, so take it for what it is worth.

Add turkey and mushrooms to the pan when the squash is almost done.  Cook until the mushrooms are soft.

Toss the contents of the pan with the cooked pasta.  Serve with a side salad and don’t forget to add sliced cucumber from the CSA.


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